On Mass Willful Blindness

The Camp Of The Saints

Before I went to bed last night, I was flipping around channels on television when I came to a Fox News program on the 2016 Presidential Race.

This one concerned itself with the Democratic field and I caught a few minutes of an interview with former Senator Jim Webb. I listened to him for several minutes – this supposed ‘Old School Democrat’ / ‘Jacksonian’ – and then clicked over to look at the latest weather radar.

I came back to the program a few minutes later and host Bret Baier was having a discussion with A.B. Stoddard, Stephen Hayes, and Charles Krauthammer.

As I sat there listening both times, I quickly found myself hearing their words and realizing that they all were participants in an effort – deep-down likely desperate in nature – to keep the structure of a grand fantasy propped-up. An all-consuming effort to preserve a charming and…

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