#Oscar Whiners

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patricia arquette oscars speechI didn’t really watch the Oscars last night; I was rereading an old Philip K. Dick novel to see if I could figure out whether Deckard was really a replicant or not.

I had the set on, though, and was glancing up now and then. I found myself wondering all evening, which “Doogie Houser” director was the pervert who got to little Neil Patrick Harris’s pre-adolescent booty, and screwed up a really nice kid.

The Oscars are the original selfie, aren’t they? Every year they get longer. I keep waiting for them to establish a best “Best Boy” category.

And almost no one speaks unaccented English anymore. Isn’t that why they have the BAFTAs and Césars, so we don’t have to put up with a room full of mush mouthed foreigners? We don’t need a foreign language film category anymore; Best Picture is the foreign language film category.

This year’s…

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