McCain Dumb@$$ Calls Scott Walker a Dumb@$$

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110127_mark_salter_ap_605When the history of Biggest Dumb@$$ Losers is written, Mark Salter will not be in it alongside his boss John McCain.

Salter is the dumb@$$ flack almost no one will remember, who found his way onto a senator’s presidential campaign payroll and thought he could feed Sarah Palin to the MSM without sabotaging his boss’s already slim chances of winning.

He did this for several reasons but mainly because establishment Republicans think all evangelical Christians are dumb@$$ losers.

He is part of the godless underbelly of the establishment GOP, something you won’t find Karl Rove or any other RINO addressing on Fox News.

The usual MO for these God haters is to declare themselves to be members of one offshoot of the High Church or another, something even the High Church can’t question since 4-out-of-5 of them think God is dead anyway.

I suspect, however, that Salter is a secular or conservative…

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