Ed Schultz Doesn’t Still Beat His Wife

Regular Right Guy

Ed-SchultzOr maybe he never did, but Ed Schultz doesn’t remember why his former spouse would say she was afraid he would physically abuser her, even when he does remember.

Yeah, it’s confusing.

MSNBC’s biggest* tube sausage sausage stuffer is steamed over The Daily Caller’s Evan Gahr’s disclosure of publically available records regarding a protective order filed by Schultz’s first wife** in 1995, and is apparently ready to sue Gahr for reminding us of what a bullying +++hole he is.

Evan Gahr, TheDC:

Fox News wannabee and MSNBC host Ed Schultz has convinced a federal judge to hold an emergency hearing about alleged collusion between his ex-business partner and this reporter to “destroy” his career…

At issue are two items published in The Daily Caller and an inquiry for a third about materials culled from publicly available court filings of NBC sound engineer Michael Queen. Queen is suing Schultz in…

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