Pay Attention to Netanyahu this Week

Regular Right Guy

400_300_benjamin_netanyahu_This week the prime minister of Israel, one of America’s two greatest allies, Benjamin Netanyahu, will speak before the U.S. Congress.

Some Democrats will almost surely boycott the speech. Which is understandable since most of them march in lockstep with a president who won’t even sit down for lunch with the PM.

One almost gets the impression that Obama wishes Israel did not exist. In fact, it is probably true.

This president’s former connection to Black Liberation Theology should raise questions in any honest person’s mind about his possible anti-Semitic leanings. In that light alone how can anyone not be dubious of his intentions toward Israel?

But his incivility toward Israel is even more telling considering his administration’s ongoing negotiations with the world’s number one terrorist state, Iran.

There has been a lot of back and forth dialogue in the wake of Rudolph Giuliani’scomments questioning Obama’s…

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