John Roberts’ ObamaCare Redo?

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New U.S. Supreme Court Poses For "Class Photo"When John Roberts was nominated by President George W. Bush to replace Chief Justice William Rehnquist, here is what Townhall Magazine said about him:

If you watched the confirmation hearings for his nomination to be chief justice of the Supreme Court, you know why the Left hates him. Without notes, Roberts, a constructionist, schooled every single one of the Judiciary Committee’s far-Left senators on constitutional jurisprudence.

Having someone of his intellect, worldview and legal understanding as chief justice does wonders to protect the Constitution from those who would amend it by judicial fiat.

I was dubious about Roberts, for one reason: A Republican president nominated him. And that has been historically disastrous for conservatism.

And, of course, the Left had nothing to worry about; John Roberts’ smug little $#!+eating grin was everything it promised to be.

His split ruling on ObamaCare was one of the biggest constitutional sellouts in history.

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