David Brock’s Flaccid Hillary Defense

Regular Right Guy


David Brock, former conservative evangelical Christian turned, er, man about town, is predictably running interference for Hillary Clinton against allegations that she violated federal email regulations.

Okay, first, you probably don’t want to find yourself downwind of this guy’s breath anytime after lunch hour. That may be beside the point, but just sayin’.

Mornin’ Joe via Washington Examiner:

At 5:22, right after Bob Woodard accuses the George Sorostool of issuing a “non-denial denial,” Mika Brzezinski asks him who controlled Secretary Clinton’s email account during her tenure, Clinton or the State Dept., and Brock gives us confused.

Let’s not leave it there; Hillary Clinton not only used a private email account for her entire time as Secretary, but also installed and operatedher own personal server in her home!

We can only speculate as to why the top U.S. diplomat would go to all the hassle and expense…

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