Comes The Long Night

The Camp Of The Saints

I don’t know who frequent Belmont Club commentator Subotai Bahadur is, but, like Jeff Goldstein, he is one of the most insightful thinkers we have on our side, one of those who must be listened to.

Commenting on the recent most post by Richard Fernandez, Mr. Bahadur remarks, at one point:

…DRUDGE reported as a headline about an hour ago that Obama has given up on any restrictions on Iranian nuclear development.

We can expect the total removal of sanctions on Iran at any time. Followed, probably, by American aid to the Iranian nuclear program.

The question remaining is whether it will be the Great or Lesser Satan that will be struck first. If it is the Great Satan, I expect an EMP attack, combined with strategically placed mushrooms in American waters.

Unless, of course, Israel decides to intervene. And they are the only ones who would…

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