The Feeble And The Damage Done

The Camp Of The Saints

QUESTION: Has the Despot, known as ‘Barack Hussein Obama’, damaged the reputation of America* beyond repair?

ANSWER: Sadly, I’m more convinced the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Friend In The Ether GeoffB seems to agree with me [picture mine]:

America is to be made completely alone in the world since neither individuals nor nations will ever trust any American administration again. Even if one comes in in 2016 which could normally be seen as trustworthy, who would ever believe that the feckless voters of the US wouldn’t in 4 or 8 years once more put into power a person who will betray all trusts that he finds useful to betray, that day.

eye-of-sauron-obama-300Our military is to be made small and ineffective due to rules and regulations that hamper any action. Our economy is to be permanently hobbled by other laws, taxes, rules and regulations which increase the size and scope…

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