Putin: Vlad Joins Evangelical Right?

Regular Right Guy

vladimir-putinVladimir Putin may be a lot of things.

But Jesus freak?


An opera director in Russia, named Boris Mezdrich, designed a painting for an advertisement for one of his plays, in which a crucifix is placed in between the legs of a woman. This enraged the pious Christians of Russia who gathered together by the thousands to protest against the opera. Putin and his administration had the director fired from his job for blaspheming against our Lord Jesus Christ, and rightfully so. I did a whole video on this:

This video is lengthy, but at about 10:28 Theodore Shoebat, son of the esteemed critic of Islam, Walid Shoebat, says something that should disturb all of us.

“God bless Russia, is all I can say. Keep going and, God willing, Russia will continue in its endeavor… get these [homosexual] deviants and do not let them take over your state… God…

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