Remembering A Key Victory For The Culture Of Death

The Camp Of The Saints

It was ten years ago today that Terri Schiavo died.

I know conservatives remember her [some still pray for her and her family – of this I have no doubt], but so many others just want to forget she and her situation ever existed.

In a lengthy post Mark Steyn remembers revisits the story and offers some spot-on and shattering insights from then and now.

I highly recommend reading the whole essay here.

A few highlights:

I’m neither a Floridian nor a lawyer, and, for all I know, it may be legal under Florida law for the state to order her to be starved to death. But it is still wrong.

This is not a criminal, not a murderer, not a person whose life should be in the gift of the state. So I find it repulsive, and indeed decadent, to have her continued existence framed in terms of “plaintiffs”…

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3 thoughts on “Remembering A Key Victory For The Culture Of Death

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