Mika Says Marco’s a ‘Little Boy’ Compared to ‘Woman’ Hillary

Regular Right Guy

mik1-760x1024Morning Joe leg anchor Mika Brzezinski doesn’t think much of Marco Rubio’s accomplishments compared to those of Bill Clinton’s … okay, life partner, Hillary Clinton.

And you measure up accomplishments, and ability to weather the storm, an ability to have had experience that might apply to this job… There’s not even–this is not even a conversation. She eats him for lunch. Come on… There is no comparison. Maybe this is my ideology, but I’m sorry, but that’s a little boy and that’s an experienced accomplished woman who’s been elected to the Senate twice, who served First Lady, who served as Secretary of State…

So Hillary’s accomplishments are having been elected twice, being married to a sexual preditor, and appointed to high office by an OJT president who served two and a half years as senator?

Sure… I guess?

One does have to agree that Hillary has been around a lot

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