Slashing Towards Utopia: ‘When Is Enough Enough?’

The Camp Of The Saints

Over at Protein Wisdom [where the REAL Cool Ladies and Gents hang-out], LBascom asks a damn good question:

Proggs think long term only as a general goal; Utopia. Their planning focuses on the advancement toward their goal, but the process is the true reward; consolidation of power and establishing moral superiority.

Think about it, what agenda have the left ever considered achieved? A hundred years after suffrage, women’s rights are still a cause. Minimum wage is never high enough, and taxes are always too low. Illegal aliens became undocumented immigrants a generation ago, now they unabashedly demand open borders. Abortion was to be rare. The EPA declares back yard ponds navigable waterways. The more that is government subsidized, the greater the need. When is enough enough?

His answer: ‘Never’.

‘When is enough enough?’???

Only when those pesky Humans, with their lack of perfection, of ‘Enlightenment’, are wiped-out totally —…

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