The Magic Negro Dethroned?

The Camp Of The Saints

Methinks Friend In The Ether RS [aka: Shermlaw], in a comment left in a post by Stacy McCain [which I do urge you to read because it considers that some well-hidden facts about Hillary Rodham may — may, mind you — be coming into the light — out of the closet, as it were — soon], makes the case for the dethroning, even though it wasn’t, I believe, his intent:

Over the last 30-40 years, we’ve seen a shift in the way homosexuality is portrayed in the media and discussed by the worthies who are the self-appointed arbiters of the cultural zeitgeist. Because homosexuality is, by statistical definition, abnormal, the media has sought to turn that abnormality into a set of positive attributes. That is, homosexuals are described as “more [fill in the blank with positive adjectives],” i.e. “sensitive,” “artistic,” “creative,” “contemplative,” etc. We have moved to a place where…

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