Fitting In, Progressive Style

The Rio Norte Line

Do you ever wonder why it is that progressives lie? Why the act of prevarication so prevalent in this ideology?

I still believe my thesis regarding progressivism is correct. I’ve stated that contemporary progressivism does not have a history, it has a mythology – but not only is the ideology itself based on mythology, the personal history of its adherents are as well. They all lie. Hillary Clinton about her “immigrant” grandparents, her name, her emails, Benghazi, pretty much everything. Elizabeth Warren is about as much Cherokee as my left butt cheek. Obama – don’t even get me started – this is a guy who wrote an autobiography that included “composite” characters passed off as real (for those keeping score, “composite” girlfriends are like imaginary friends for people who don’t have real friends).

This urge to conform stems from an identity crisis. There is a mold that every progressive must…

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