BREAKING: ‘Barack Obama’s’ Soul Found!

The Camp Of The Saints


The headline at The London Daily Telegraph reads:

Mysterious ‘supervoid’ in space
is largest object ever discovered,
scientists claim

A supervoid has been discovered in the universe
which is too big to fit into current models

From the report by Sarah Knapton:

Obama-eye-of-sauron-300The ‘supervoid’, which is 1.8 billion light-years across, is the largest known structure ever discovered in the universe but scientists are baffled about what it is and why it is so barren.

It sits in a region of space which is much colder than other parts of the universe and although it is not a vacuum, it seems to have around 20 per cent less matter than other regions.

From TCOTS’s inside souses, we’ve been told that Scientists have confirmed that the void is shaped like the head of a Moron with jug ears and they are ‘very confident’ that other large ‘supervoids’ will also be found…

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