It’s Spring, time to take off your clothes

The Isaiah 53:5 Project

Yeah spring!


Who doesn’t love warm days, budding trees, more daylight, the smell of fresh cut grass, flowers in bloom, shirtless men, barely there bikinis, short skirts, shorter shorts, eye-popping cleavage, strapless dresses…

Must be an awful time of year for members of the modesty brigade who insist that people of both sexes cover up because not doing so encourages objectification and sexualization. You know, because aren’t we all prone to lustful thoughts and animal urges we can’t control?

One of the things God has given humanity, and it is a gift, is the ability to look at, respond to, and appreciate the beauty of His creation. Think about that for a minute.

Close your eyes and imagine you are gazing at a massive redwood tree, a waterfall, a sunset, ocean, a mountain range…the wonder of creation is truly awe inspiring, it’s something to behold, and it’s one of the…

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2 thoughts on “It’s Spring, time to take off your clothes

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