@MJosephSheppard → Time For Conservatives To Embrace Drug Decriminalization?

The Camp Of The Saints


Has “The War On Drugs” as a government policy been effective? There of course endless arguments from all sides but here are some statistics prepared (in 2008) by On The Issues:

Drug offenders who serve jail time or traditional probation have a recidivism rate of 45%. Of those who completed ‘drug courts’ monitored treatment programs, the rate was 4%

60% of federal prison inmates are drug offenders, as are 22% of state prisoners.

20% of all felony convictions are for drug trafficking; another 12% are for drug possession.

About 270,000 people are incarcerated on drug charges, up from 48,000 at the start of the ‘Drug War.’

Direct Federal spending on the ‘Drug War’ is currently $17 billion per year.

We have seen constant headlines about drug cartels in Mexico slaughtering dozens at a time with estimates of total murders running in the tens of thousands. Colombia and Afghanistan…

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