Cryin’ @SpeakerBoehner And The Ravages Of Dipsomania

The Camp Of The Saints

Considering what we now know about the criminal organization known as La Cosa Clinton, I just wanted to record this for Posterity…

From Bloomberg, Mark Halperin reporting, we get a double-shot of Cryin’ John’s rank idiocy as he continues as one of the Leaders of the American Idiocracy [tip of the fedora to Mark Levin]:

U.S. House Speaker John Boehner said Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton are good public servants but have explaining to do about their charitable foundation and said her handling of official e-mails as secretary of state broke the law.

“They’re good people, but there’s questions that have to be answered,” said Boehner….

On who he’d like to see as the Republican presidential nominee in 2016, Boehner said, “I know the field. I am not endorsing anybody.”

When asked about whether he has been nudging Jeb Bush to run for some time…

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