On The Hatred Of Beauty

The Camp Of The Saints

In one of his latest posts on Feminism, Stacy McCain asks the question:

Why Do Feminists Hate Beauty?

In the Comments section Evi offers her answer:

Feminists hate beauty because their souls are ugly.

Stacy responded:

To answer my own question:
Feminists are angered by the celebration of beauty because MEN ENJOY BEAUTY.
Beauty makes men happy.
Feminists are AGAINST
Anything that makes men happy.

While there is some merit to both of their conjectures, neither one is the answer.

The Hatred Of Beauty is not confined to Feminists — it is a rather fervent hostility and fevered disgust shared by all Leftists.

The root of Leftist Thinking is a loathing of Life as it is, a loathing and an irrational disappointment so deeply felt that the Leftist comes to believe that only a radical re-engineering of all of Mankind will solve the problem — the softer, less-harsh, focus group…

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