And It Was A Terrorist Attack In Garland

The Camp Of The Saints

That is the Reality, the Truth.

Anyone who calls what happened Sunday Night anything different is either in a serious, pathological Denial Of Reality or providing Aid And Comfort To The Enemy.

Garland should be the proverbial Wake-Up Call…but it won’t be.

The times call for a new Crusade against Islam, but there’s no one to wage it because the Ideologues [both Left and Right] declared ‘God Is Dead’ over a century ago and have spent the ensuing decades convincing a large portion of the peoples of The West that He truly is – in fact, many go so far as to teach that He never was.

This insidious brainwashing has worked. Any positive mention of God and his presence in the World is met by either derision or awkwardness.

Such reactions are the behavior of the Abnormal, the Spiritually Retarded.

This is a War between the Forces Of Good…

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