Profile In Real Courage: @BoschFawstin

The Camp Of The Saints

Who is Bosch Fawstin?

He’s the man who won the Draw Mohammed Cartoon Contest in Garland and, unlike all of the Left and a disturbingly fair number on the Right, he is walking tall [see Twitchy’s report here].

Here’s his winning cartoon:


I urge every blogger to post it on his or her site and those with Twitter accounts to Tweet a copy to all of their Followers.

Follow Mr. Fawstin on Twitter: @BoschFawstin

And become a regular reader of his blog.

As an old wise man once said: ‘Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke’ — yup…sideways.

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One thought on “Profile In Real Courage: @BoschFawstin

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