Gullivers Mike's Travels

Well, I started my oddysey here in Matthews,NC. I spent a couple of weeks here on a restroom remodel of a major drugstore chain. I was sent from the great state of North Carolina up to the not so great state of New York for another two week job. What’s the worst thing about New York, you ask? How about the fact that I had to leave “my little friend” at home. And also a lot of the people up there are assholes. Plus it snowed every other day and didn’t get above about 20 degrees the whole time I was up there. From New York, I was sent to the great state of Texas. I did stop by my house on the way to pick up my pistol and golf clubs…after all, can’t forget the important things, amirite? So after four weeks in and around Houston, I was sent to Austin to do some “callbacks.” Those are jobs where the previous crew missed a couple or three items needed to get the job done. From there I went to San Antonio for another two week job on a remodel of a major drugstore chain. We got that job done after which I took a well deserved week off. During my short vacation, I managed to get an “attaboy” from the boss. That and a dollar fifty will get you a cup of cheap coffee. After my week off, I went back to Texas for two weeks. Finished that job and was looking forward to a job in Galveston, TX. However that was not to be. I’m more experienced with restroom remodels so they gave the Galveston job to another super and sent me back to whence I started my amazing Odyssey in Matthews,NC. Oh and after a week here, I get to go to DC…lucky me, eh?monopoly-run


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