That Last Beer

Am I the only one?

How many times have you sat at a lonely bar stool or in your hotel room and looked at that “last” bottle or glass of beer, thinking this is it…I’m done.

Well guess what…the bottle or glass or can will let you know when you are done.

Somehow or another, one of those three entities has made the decision for you and believe you me, you are not done. That can or bottle or glass will let you know when you are done and until they say so, you are under their control.

You may say to your self…I’m in control and i will dictate what or where I drink and when.

Who the fuck are you kidding? Really!?!!

Been there, done that, got the freakin’ t-shirt.

This isn’t a treatise on whether or not one is is a certifiable member of AA or whatever, but just an observation on a person sitting in a lonely hotel room looking at the last bottle or can of beer and wondering if one would be considered a wimp if it was emptied in the sink or drank to the last dregs just because?

Ahhh…who the hell am I kidding. No one cares but me and I’m the only one who matters in this kind of thinking, amirite?

But a word of advise…If, when you’ve taken that sip of beer and you get a funny feeling, pay attention because it might be that you’re fixin’ to see what it means to feel that spinning wheel.

Then you will finally realize that you are no longer in control!“>


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