Strange Days, Indeed

The Camp Of The Saints

…or: A World Turned [Really] Upside Down

Commenting over at the Belmont Club about those Arab nations that have turned down Julius Obamacus Nero Caesar’s invitation to a summit, Subotai Bahadur remarks:

The Emirs of Qatar and Kuwait are special cases and their attendance can be expected. The rest of the Arab world has seen that the only thing that can be depended upon is that any promises from Obama are lies. So, knowing that the purpose of the trip is to allow Obama to blow smoke up their collective burnooses [“burneese?”] about how a) Iran will not get nuclear weapons, and b) if they do, Obama has their back; there is no point in going. They already know what is going to happen.

The same attitude is becoming universal. In fact, it is interesting that in this world, other than his minions and allies; the only people who…

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