Pope Francis – Dupe?

The Camp Of The Saints

From what we’re hearing, the Pope sure seems like a Dupe of the Left – or, perhaps, it’s worse then that.

From the Instapundit blog, Elizabeth Price Foley commenting [worth quoting in full]:

VATICAN TO RECOGNIZE PALESTINE: The Vatican has brokered at “treaty” with the “State of Palestine.” The treaty reportedly deals with the activities of the Catholic Church in Palestine. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is expected meet with Pope Francis over the weekend to finalize details.

The Vatican has referred to Palestine as a “state” since November 2012, when the UN voted to upgrade the Palestinian Authority’s status from “entity” to “non-member state.” Just last week, Pope Francis said the Vatican would canonize two nuns who lived in Israel under Ottomon rule as “Palestinian saints.”

It hasn’t been very long since the Palestinian Authority/PLO was widely considered to be a terrorist organization.

Well, it’s…

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