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Derided Like Churchill,
Right Like Churchill

David French at National Review excoriates the Republican presidential candidates who have fallen, “cowardly” for the Left’s “What would you have done knowing what we know now” “gotcha” questioning. Not least because they are allowing the leftist media to set the agenda rather than hitting back with Liz Cheney’s formula: “When is the media going to ask BHO and HRC the following: Knowing what we know now, would you still have abandoned Iraq?”

French then gives his own answer:

So, knowing now what we didn’t know then, the answer is a smarter intervention, not the same intervention — an intervention that combines the tactics and lessons of the Surge with the staying power we’ve demonstrated in other volatile hot spots, like Korea.

This is basically the same answer that Secretary of State John Kerry gave, after admitting the disaster in Ramadi when he said…

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