Shooter: ‘I Hope I Got [Zimmerman] This Time’

Regular Right Guy

120412-national-trayvon-martin-george-zimmerman-bloodyThe man who murdered the teenager Barack Obama’s son would have looked like if Barack Obama had a son, George Zimmerman, has been hounded by the media since the night he shot his young burglar assailant Trayvon Martin.

Of course a jury found that Zimmerman wasn’t a murderer at all, but the MSM hasn’t let that stand in its way, and Barry Jr. and Mooch are still out the son they never had.

Or something.

Anyway, the work Obama started all those years ago continues to move forward.

Yes We Can! people.

WESH Orlando:


Lake Mary police have released the arrest report for the man accused of firing a gun into George Zimmerman’s truck, detailing the “fixation” police say the man has with Zimmerman.

Matthew Apperson turned himself in to authorities Friday and was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated battery with a…

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