Alan Grayson Wants His Ex-Wife to Die Quickly

Regular Right Guy

alan-grayson1Florida Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson is a big fat snaggletooth jerk.

But I digress.

Wait. No I don’t.

Here’s Alan making headlines again, saying something that will undoubtedly humiliate his five children and make him look even more like the buffoon everyone already knows he is.

Gold digger’s gotta dig.

Yep, gotta go the full Alan Grayson on this one:


The fact that Lolita Grayson is as big a liar as Rep. Grayson leads me to wonder what the real problem was in this marriage to begin with.

What, she committed bigamy?

After 25 years and five children was any serious harm done?

Was Lolita Grayson’s lie a bigger lie than this?

Hey, liars gotta lie.

Rep. and Mrs. Grayson, you are a match made in heaven… or hell… or wherever matches are made for bottom-feeders like you.

Seek counseling.


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