My Visit To A Black Establishment, The #TakomaStationTavern

As many of my readers know, I have been working out of town a lot.

This week I’m working in our nation’s capital.

So as I usually do, I used the function on my GPS to find a local bar and grill for dinner. This evening, it came up with a place called the Takoma Station Tavern, established 1964.

When I walked up to the place,I was met by a big Black dude with security on his jacket. I asked him if it was a good place to eat and he said sure thing…get your drink on and your freak on.

I had to show ID and get a frisk before walking into the joint. Security mentioned my being from the great state of South Carolina and I told him I was from Clemson.

He said he’d been through SC and he didn’t like it because we still flew the “Union Jack”, aka the Confederate flag on our state Capitol. I told him it would be alright.

So I go in the place and grab a stool at the bar. I felt like a pariah. Except for a white waitress and a Mexican bus boy, I was the only person in the place who wasn’t of African descent, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I’ve been all over the country and I have never felt more unwelcome in any establishment than I did in that place. I was getting the ” stink eye” from several patrons.

And this was the first bar I’ve ever been in where I couldn’t start a conversation with someone.

It also took another barmaid to put in my order for dinner after the first one “forgot” to put in my order.

She did come by later and apologize, saying that she was training a new waitress and forgot about me. She did, however, give me a beer at no charge.

So during my hour or so stay in the establishment, I was waited on by three different waitresses, the last being the only other White person in the bar.

I sure hope the White girl didn’t have to share the $8.00 tip on a $20.00 tab.

I rambled on there a bit in this story to make a point…Black people come into “White” establishments all the time and they receive a lot better treatment than I received in a “Black” establishment.

Its not that they were “mean”, they just weren’t very welcoming. I almost felt like my money wasn’t good enough for them.

Well, those are my thoughts…what do y’all think?


8 thoughts on “My Visit To A Black Establishment, The #TakomaStationTavern

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  4. I think you need to upgrade your GPS. Heading down range for recon is normally commendable, but if you end up in the wrong territory instead of intel we might be reading a different type of report. You trackin me, Mister?

    Keep Firing!!!

    • Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

      My GPS doesn’t usually fail me. It has led me to some pretty good places, such as the “Live Oak” bar and grill on Hempstead in Houston, Texas. Live Crawfish and live music with several pretty barmaids plus some other places I can’t quite remember, IYKWIM.

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