‘The Natural Feeling Had Been Driven Out Of Them’

The Camp Of The Saints

Via Darleen Click, we learn that the Boy Scouts Of America has banned water gun fighting, among other ‘unkind’ activities [you know, the kind boys always engage in and enjoy].

Darleen also provides an excerpt from the Girls Scouts Of America blog, that shows just how thoroughly the Feminists have taken over what once was a sane organization for girls.

Do, please, click here and read the excerpts she provides.

It seems to me that (1) the people in charge of the Boy Scouts are afraid and (2) the people in charge of the Girl Scouts are not.

The latter are fully committed and prepared to lead the girls of America into the Brave New World [ie: Hellhole] the Left is creating and the former will end-up achieving ‘Nirvana’, as well, through their Useful Idiocy.

So…as PW commentator Dave J asks:

For what are they now…

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