Fifty Shades Of Hillary

If you want to feel macro-agressed, read this article. But be warned brain bleach will be needed after you finish it.

The Camp Of The Saints

or: ‘Erotic’ Writings For Leftists

WARNING: The following excerpts may make you ill.  It not is not recommended that women and nervous persons read on…


From The London Daily Mail, Wills ‘Danger! Danger!’ Robinson reporting, we [ewww] learn [tip of the fedora to Evi — I think][running commentary by your Humble Dispatcher]:

The batch of emails released by the State Department revealed a bizarre confrontation between Hillary Clinton and a journalist who asked her: ‘Can I ride your lap to the White House?’ [BOB: Ah-oh…Warning: this could end-up being Chick Pron!]

Exchanges between the then-Secretary of State’s include the transcript of her interview with the Wall Street Journal’s senior writer Monica Langley in October 2012, which one of her advisers described as ‘unacceptable in any culture’. [BOB: Fruit from the forbidden tree, eh?]

The email from State Department Communications Director Caroline Alder, released as part of a…

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