Mike’s Continuing Adventures With Race In Our Nation’s Capitol

So I hit my GPS up to find a restaurant for dinner again.

This time, it took me to an Outback Steakhouse. Of course, our hotel is in a diverse neighborhood, so its a given that the clientele was mostly Black and Hispanic and the bartenders and wait staff was all Black.

I sat at the bar as is my wont in places like this. The bartender was on the ball and brought me my drink order and menu in a timely manner.

Another Black fellow sat at the bar along side me and we struck up a conversation. We talked about the NBA playoffs and the sorry state of our Carolina Panthers.

Gentleman was easy to talk to and we had a great time. 

Found out he had just finished Dental School and was on his way to a residency in Kansas City, No.

During our talk, I found out he was originally from Nigeria and he had messed up and dropped out of Med School at Wake Forest.

I told him about our saying from where I’m from…”Do stupid shit and stupid shit happens.”

He sagely nodded his head and agreed with me. That’s how I found out about him dropping out of Med School. He said when he first got to America in the early 2000’s, he was really stupid.

I told him he wasn’t the first and he damn sure wouldn’t be the last.

And the first thing I noticed was that he didn’t try to blame anyone else but himself. He told me about having nightmares about disappointing his Mother by getting kicked out of Med School.

So we have this Black gentleman from another country who appreciates his chance to better himself and the great opportunities America offers to everyone regardless of race or ethnicity.

And speaking of our time in the restaurant, I had ordered about 5 or so minutes before he did. He got his meal first and thought it strange that I didn’t get served first. I told him that I had made an order that was a little out of the ordinary and it takes a little longer.

All in all, a good experience and no complaints from me.

What do y’all think?


7 thoughts on “Mike’s Continuing Adventures With Race In Our Nation’s Capitol

  1. I have made similar observations. It is often easier to chat with foreign-born than it is blacks born in this country.

    Why? It seems that too many of the blacks raised in this country think the country owes them something. What they miss is the obvious. They have adopted a racist attitude (The whites owe them.), and, ironically, this crap was first peddled by white politicians who just wanted to buy their votes with other people’s money. What it proves to me is that the welfare state and public education divides our nation instead of bringing it together.

    The root of many of our nation’s divisions is a system of government. Because it is stealing, Socialism divides nations. It pits the have-nots against the haves, those who covet against those who have anything tot covet.

  2. Another stellar post Mike. Most ‘useful idiot’ progressives would be shocked to know how much blacks living under oppression in many African nation would love to come here to be ‘persecuted’ under our ‘white privilege’ system. What, they think he came here for the food stamps?

    • Thanks Tom and RG for the comments.

      One thing I have noticed though, is the reaction one gets talking to other races or ethnicities is it depends on their level of education to a point and their age.

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