Mike’s Continuing Adventures With Race In Our Nation’s Capital

I just found out my next job is in Conneticet. So I decided I’d go out and have a steak dinner to celebrate. Of course, the closest place for a good steak was the Outback Restaurant. Yes, the same one I had visited on a previous ocassion.

I picked a seat at the bar since I was by myself. There was one seat between two attractive Black women on my right and another attractive Black woman and her older male friend on my left. Looking around the bar, I noticed I was the only pale skinned person in the bar area.

Again, as in my first visit, the bartender was quick to get and bring my drink order and a menu.

I struck up a conversation with V and L on my left. We talked about the drinks V had ordered…a Tokyo Tea and something else she had ordered called a Wallabee something or other. I mentioned I was going to Conneticut and asked about when was the best time to get out of town. We all had a laugh about that.

I also had a conversation with the two ladies on my right. I almost believe they were conservatives, although I didn’t ask.

We did talk about kids and how they can do stupid stuff. One woman talked about her 22 year old son who told her college wasn’t for him.

I told her that there was nothing wrong with the trades and he could make a good living at it. She said that she agreed with me…she just hoped he would stay out of trouble. I told her he probably would because it seemed to me he had a good upbringing. Her other son, 14 years old, is starting high school next year at a Catholic school. She bragged about him wanting to go to college and named some colleges that were recruiting him including my favorite, Clemson University.

This kid is getting a classical education, including Latin. His mother told him not to worry about school tuition…she would get a second job working at McDonalds if she had to. Then she laughed and said well…probably not Micky D’s, but she would do whatever it took to make sure he got to go to the school he wanted to.

The other young lady never said if she had kids…I assume she didnt. We did have a nice conversation about the area around Clemson University and then talked about Southern California and how great the weather was, how pretty the beaches were, ect.

I told her about the maxim, “Do stupid stuff and stupid stuff happens” and how it didn’t matter if you were rich or poor, Black or White, it was one of the great truths of life. She laughed and told me I was a great philosopher. I laughed and told her I had a PHD in doing stupid stuff and having to pay the consequences. She said that she had a Masters in it and was trying not to reach the PHD level.

Really, the only “bad” experience I’ve had is my visit to Takoma Street Station. 95 % of the POC I’ve met and talked to have been very friendly, even the homeless people bumming money on street corners and sitting outside stores.

I’ll say one thing about this town…there sure are a lot people with their hands out asking for money; and then there are the homeless people. ( rimshot!)

The other day, a young Black woman asked if I had time to talk about equal rights. I told her, ” You already have equal rights Sweetie.” That’s when she said she was talking about equal rights for the LGBT community. I threw up my hands, smiled at her and walked away.

Then I got hit up by a couple of White girls who wanted me to donate a dollar a day to Children International. I asked them if they were helping children in America. One girl said that was a good question, then showed me a map and told me how all the poor kids in America were already sponsored and they needed sponsors for kids in Africa and Southeast Asia. I told her I’d have to think about it and went on to have lunch.

And then today as I was walking back to work from lunch, I noticed several people sporting ACLU tee shirts getting instructions on how to ask questions for some kind of survey they were doing about something or other.

In summary, I think there is a lot to do about nothing when it comes to racial tensions around the country.

What we have are a few people who make a very good living, and we know who They are, who feed off of a minority of malcontents and try to keep things stirred up. They throw gas on a dying fire to keep up the strife and division. If they didn’t have that, they’d have to get real jobs.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking.

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