The Female Punic

The Camp Of The Saints

It appears iconic and decrepit mega-Feminist Germaine Greer is now complaining that ‘the concept of motherhood has emptied out…It’s gone, it’s been deconstructed’.

Darleen Click has the details here and comments:

And now Greer — whose 1970 book, The Female Eunuch, was full of misandry and descriptions of women as oppressed ‘castrated males’ — believes motherhood is something special? Something unique to the female sex?

…nothing evokes as much schadenfreude as watching a radical Leftist have a come-to-Jesus moment.

That’s Entertainment — Comedy at it’s best.

Friend In The Ether Ernst Schreiber remarks in the Comments section:

Just heard Limbaugh hit the same point Darleen made in the original post; i.e. you can’t declare motherhood to be something extrinsic to the female sex and then bitch about it when people take you at your word.

Oh…they can bitch about it. Hell, all they do is bitch and bitch…

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