Reckoning Time: ‘The World We Voluntarily Threw Away’

The Camp Of The Saints

Presented here are remarks by Subotai Bahadur, a man I have never met or directly communicated with, but whose intelligence I admire.

He expresses my thoughts exactly:

All the old paradigms are shifting or dying. Constitutional government and law are mere memories here in the US, and are mysteries in most of the world. The Westphalian nation-state is attacked from within and without. Civilizations face barbarians again, and lack the will and confidence to resist.

Barbarians win sometimes. And they only have to win once for everything to come tumbling down, weakened from within.

The Romans in Britain after the withdrawal of the legions would understand, and the citizens of Rome itself once the barbarians figured out that tearing down the aqueducts would tear the heart out of the Empire. The subjects of the Sung Dynasty understood when Jebe Noyon’s light cavalry swept around their armies and destroyed them. As…

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