What Hillary 2016 Needs: More Bill…?

Regular Right Guy

Bill-Clinton-1999-04I thought Larry King was retired and living in someplace like Antigua with his eighth or ninth wife. But, in the words of the late John Belushi…

I know, huh?

Anyway, here’s a short excerpt of Larry interviewing California Democrat flack Willie Brown on what Hillary Clinton needs to kick start her flailing 2016 campaign.

Right, Willie Brown. Why ever would any campaign consider Bill Clinton a liability?

Bill is the Everyman Hillary’s out of touch organization needs to draw in those mainstream voters.

Here’s Bill doing the Everyman right here:

In fact, Hillary 2016 should probably even change its slogan to “I’m With Bill’s Wife.”

Let Bill out of the cage, Hillary.

Watch those numbers skyrocket.

HT/BreitbartGeniusLives, baracksdubs


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