Shut Up, Pamela Geller, You’re Getting Muslims Killed… or Something

Regular Right Guy

islamic-rage-boyOnce again, Jewish housewife turned conservative activist and website purveyor Pamela Geller has been implicated in the unwarranted death of a Muslim jihadist.

Erin Burnett, CNN:

Why are you inciting Muslims to butcher people, Pamela Geller? Isn’t it enough that Christians and Jews continue to incite them in Asia, Africa and Europe? Do we have to be upsetting them here?

The Southern Poverty Law Center says you are intolerant and hateful, and the SPLC knows their haters.

C’mon, Pamela Geller, admit it, you really “relish being targeted for beheading” by Muslims who… who… are having a bad day, don’t you?

If you would just shut up, these exterminators adherents of the Prophet could get jobs or take up constructive hobbies… like wall art, or something.



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