Lindsey Graham: ‘Hannity, It’s Your Fault’

Anybody but Light in the loafers Graham.

Regular Right Guy

Lindsey_GrahamLet me get this straight. A three-term Republican senator, who voted to approve two of the most liberal judges to ever sit on the Supreme Court, supports illegal amnesty, and was 100% in the tank for Obama’s tax n’ spend energy policy, is blaming a Fox News commentator for the division in his party?


South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, thinks he knows why the country is increasingly divided on ideological lines, and it has a lot to do with MSNBC and Fox News.

In an interview Tuesday with NBC, Graham said the current media environment makes it difficult for lawmakers to accomplish anything. He envisioned what it would be like for the Constitution to be written, had MSNBC’s liberal Rachel Maddow and Fox News’ conservative Sean Hannity been there for its creation.

“So, you’re at Philadelphia Hall, you’ve got satellite trucks parked…

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