@MJosephSheppard → Hillary: A Legitimate Claim To Be First Female President?

The Camp Of The Saints


Of course, technically, if Hillary Clinton is elected  in November 2016 she would of course be the first person of the female gender to hold the office of president of the United States of America. What is in question is the legitimacy of that precedent in respect of the path to having obtained the office.

There have been a number of women who have entered into the highest offices in their country via a parliamentary coup. Jenny Shipley in New Zealand and Julia Gillard in Australia are two examples where, in a parliamentary system they became Prime Minister.

In both cases their holding the office was most certainly a historic event, but the manner of achieving it, via bringing down the elected leader, via a general election, of their party, took away from the honor a degree of moral and precedent making prestige. In the case of New Zealand, Helen…

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