Magna Carta Libertatum At 800

The Camp Of The Saints

Today should have witnessed grand celebrations across the Anglosphere, but there were few [‘a happy few’], if any.

A small number of people who gave a good Goddamn about Freedom and Ordered Liberty did celebrate by trying to get out the word of the importance of this day in the History of Mankind, but there’s was a near-impossible task because the vast majority of peoples in the English-speaking sections of The West are too busy indulging in their luxuries with a Bacchanalian ferocity and wallowing in their rank Narcissism.

As Mark Steyn, one of the ‘happy few’, writes:

The most important anniversary this year falls on Monday June 15th, marking the day, eight centuries ago, when a king found himself in a muddy field on the River Thames near Windsor Castle with the great foundational document of modern liberty under his nose and awaiting his seal….

That muddy field…

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