The American Anti-Sex League: The Early Years

The Camp Of The Saints

The Modern King of Gonzo, Stacy McCain, has up, over at his joint, a post that should be required reading for any person under the age of thirty.

In it, he quotes from a Feminist [ie: one of the many, dullard Leftist Apparatchiks who spend every waking minute of the day seeking to wreck horrid havoc in the Culture]. Her name is Lane Moore and she, in the end, wants males and females to have less sex [not ‘less sex in the end’  IYKWIMAITYD — which seems to be the ‘in thing’ these days]. In fact, one could make a good case that, ultimately, she’d like sex to be abolished — at least that appears to be the undertone of those who hold her kind of opinions and engage in such crabbed and abnormal thinking.

Please do read the whole thing [as usual with Stace, it’s an insightful and fun…

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