Hillary: We need to ‘face hard truths about race… guns’

Regular Right Guy

Hillary.Clinton.What_.Difference.Does_.it_.Make_By all of the early indications Dylann Roof, the Charleston shooter, is what happens when Democrats play with matches.

But although Hillary Clinton couldn’t get the Scoobie bus to Charleston, she took time out in Las Vegas to lace her condolences with a patronizing and agenda-driven lecture, anyway…

“… we have to face hard truths about race, violence, guns and division… How many little children… how many people do we need to see cut down, before we act…?

Of course South Carolina will act, and very quickly, if federal race pimps will get out of the way.

But Hillary doesn’t want that to happen. Rather than focus on the evildoer, she wants to implicate Americans in pervasive racism that does not exist, and hold responsible law-abiding gun owners who have nothing to do with the kind of violence we witness when these horrendous acts are carried out.

We only…

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