South Carolina Moves to Ban State Flag

Regular Right Guy

confederate-flag-1-1024x768The South Carolina state flag is coming down and heading for the museum.

Bloomberg News…

Which is probably a good idea since the Stars and Bars has been one of the primary instruments liberals have used for years to point to the mythical rampant racism they insist exists in the United States.

It was not the national flag of the Confederate States of America, but who cares as long as Democrats can use it to keep low-information Americans on the social justice plantation.

Several prominent Democrats stood solidly behind the Stars and Bars as representative state flags over the years, but its time has clearly come.

Now if we can just get white and African American liberals as excited about the only flag that currently represents a true clear and present danger to our homeland.


Or get them to stop trampling and burning the one flag that allows them…

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