Bobby Jindal is Not Democrat Enough to be Indo American

Regular Right Guy

bobby-jindal-9“Diversity” has long been the love child of the left wing media and the Democratic Party; for years both have alleged ad nauseam that the GOP is decidedly undiverse, intolerant and noninclusive, or worse, racist.

Then, of course, when a Republican minority candidate decides to run for office, he or she is never quite [Fill in the ethnicity or gender] enough.

You know the drill.

Here is a particularly interesting slant on this worn out liberal meme.


Just a day after Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced that he will run for U.S. president in 2016, the color of his skin has become the subject of a trending hashtag in India.

It’s called #bobbyjindalissowhite.

Jindal’s meteoric rise in the Republican Party as a conservative of color has won him many supporters in the United States. But here in India, Jindal is seen “as a man who has spent a lifetime

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