On Justice Scalia’s Dissent In King v. Burwell

The Camp Of The Saints

“Where Law ends, (says Mr. Locke) tyranny begins, if the Law be transgressed to anothers harm”.  No one I believe will deny the truth of the observation….

—Samuel Adams, writing unsigned in the Boston Gazette, 17 October 1768

Roberts: your prone position in infamy is assured.

Chris Smith [Smitty]

The six Philosopher-Tribunes on the Supreme Court have spoken from their leather thrones…and the Dictator is well-pleased.

As Mark Steyn put it this afternoon:

…By a 6-3 majority of the Supreme Court, it has been determined that the words “established by the states” now mean “established by whatever”. Boy, that John Roberts is really growing in office.

Indeed!  He has become the disciplined dog of The Jarrett Junto.

In his Majority Opinion, Chief Lustrous Roberts is not even bothering to hide his contempt for The Constitution and The Rule Of Law any longer.  He is a Despot, changing…

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