The New Civil War: With Malice Toward All; And Charity For None

We had to have seen this coming.

The Camp Of The Saints

The headlines at Drudge this morning tell a story of a nation gone Mad:

AMAZON nixes rebel flag, continues selling Nazi memorabilia…

Authors may need to change covers…

WALMART sells Castro, Iranian flags…

Many memorials to Confederates, other slave holders: What happens to them?

New Orleans mayor says time to tear down statue of Robert E. Lee…

Group demands removal of confederate site in Orlando…

Film critic calls for ‘GONE WITH THE WIND’ to be banished to museum…

As they have arbitrarily and malevolently repealed other examples of America’s Heritage, the Left In America has launched an all-out offensive against the Second Inaugural Address of Abraham Lincoln and his Humane, Moral, and Just policy of Reconstruction. Their policy is — though not as violent [yet] as that of ISIS — to blow-up all of the symbols of our History.

In their actions of the past week, tell me where you…

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