SCOTUS: 6-3 for Obamacare, 5-4 SSM

Regular Right Guy

1388523996000-AP-Supreme-Court-Term-WrapupBut of course.

The Supreme Court’s second decision for Obamacare wouldn’t be so disheartening, if the two votes we needed to get rid of this stinks-on-ice legislation hadn’t been appointed by Republican presidents.

Republicans do not have a good record with Supreme appointments.

Anyone who grew up in this country before 1970 knew John Roberts was a smug little jerk, the moment they laid eyes on him. I suspected from the beginning he couldn’t hit a softball or get a date in school. Why didn’t George W. Bush?

Even the great Ronald Reagan was duped after the failure of his Bork and Ginsberg nominations, into appointing Anthony Kennedy, a justice whose bona fides were sketchy at best. Let’s not even get into Sandra Day O’Connor.

Look at the appointments since Eisenhower. Louis Powell? Roe v. Wade; set aside death penalty for rape. Nixon. William Brennen and Earl Warren? Roe…

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