Cannes: #Climategate Meets #Monicagate Meets #RepublicanWarOnWomen

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lewinskygoresplitThe Republican Party’s War on Women just went global, and warmist jetsetter Al Gore and Clinton, er, nobbist? Monica Lewinsky were two of the first to see it in action.


Monica Lewinsky was barred from sitting in a box with former US Vice-President Al Gore at an advertising festival in Cannes on Saturday.

Lewinksy had been invited to sit in the mayoral box for the VIPs at the Palais de Festivals on the last night of the festival. Instead of sitting in her seat in the box, the author of “Monica: Her Story” instead opted to sit with the main audience, according to the Guardian.
It remains unclear who is responsible for the changed seating arrangement as neither the organizers of Cannes Lions or Gore’s team could be reached for explanation.

Gore was in attendance to receive an honorary award, the LionHeart, which is presented to an individual who “through…

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