On The Death Of The Rule Of Law, Part II

The Camp Of The Saints

This will be a short series of posts highlighting the observations of people who I admire and respect, along with some accompanying remarks by your Humble Dispatcher. The two posts I published recently that contained excerpts of the Dissents of Justices Scalia and Thomas in the Obamacare case and the ‘Same Sex Marriage’ cases, respectively, should be read in conjunction with this Series.

[NOTE:Part I of this series may be found here.]

The Rule Of Whim

J.R. Nyquist has published a short essay. It is entitled: The Violation Of Language.

While I don’t agree with every conclusion or presupposition of the author, there is much wisdom to be found in it. It is obvious that Mr. Nyquist has a keen mind filled with much insight into the situation we now find ourselves in, so I would highly recommend that…

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